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Aashish Malve
Aashish Malve

Aashish Malve


Angaros Group


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Positioning the product
The team focuses on creating frameworks that can provide the building blocks/tools for entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. Art of Reduction, CuES, Timing Sequence And Combination, Core Strength Analysis, PMP, 3P, 3R and 3B are the frameworks which we feel if followed can help to identify and channelize core strengths and can help businesses grow. You can refer to the frameworks available on
Growth Prospect in marketing
Any career ladder is not an easy task to climb and be successful. If one has to quickly go up the ladder then, one needs to give 100% effort and be efficient in what one wants to do. Everyone can work hard and work all the time. Efficiency and Results is what matter at the end of the day. One needs to Out-Think what one needs to do to be Out-Smart others and go up.
Suggestions to aspirants
1. Always think like a leader: I do not mean be a boss to others and instruct others. I mean you need to take charge and responsibility in what you do. You can't wait for the opportunity to come you way. You need to make opportunities and cash on it. Be pro-active, take the initiatives and be a team player.

2. Ideas: Out-Think to get new ideas and try to do different things and improve the existing system so that to execute the tasks seems simple for you and others. Share ideas and appreciate ideas given by others and implement them if you feel that will benefit the company.

3. Always be willing to work hard and be efficient. Work as if there is no tomorrow without expecting anything in return. Efficient and hard work does not go un-notice. Success always follows and the rewards will come. Do not go behind the rewards. Rewards should follow you.

4. There are no short-cuts to success. Be ethical and honest not only to yourself but to others as well.

All the best!
Motivating Factor
Many feel money is the best motivating factor. But, if you feel money is the best motivating factor then - it may create problems among the peers and other employees. I always feel money is not the priority and is not the main motivating factor.

Iccha Shakti, Gnana Shakti and Kriya Shakit is the mantra which I like very much and follow. The power of desire will lead to gain the knowledge. And, if you get this both you do not have to worry about the doing. It automatically follows. And, one should not treat work as work. If you treat it as your hobby then one enjoys work. Happiness is the best motivating factor in office and outside office.
Importance of Marketing
Every contributing employee and team member towards achieving the company objective is important to the organization. Every role which supports in serving the customers are important.
Future trend
Digital Marketing will be the key. Social Media Marketing needs more attention and clarity. The efficiently you handle social media and interact with prospects will help you to grow business. Be simple so that it is not complicating for your customers to understand. Remember customer has the power of internet and does his/her own research before buying any product. Always, keep track of ROI and see that you maximize this. Being in tight budgets, maximizing ROI is the key.

Not to miss smartphones. They will become more smart and useful. Do not miss this channel.
Brief yourself
Aashish is the founding director of Angaros Management Company (AMC), is a management consulting division of Angaros Group focuses on building fundamental building blocks and frameworks for businesses.

AMC is part of Angaros Group, a boutique investment holding company, based out of Singapore. The group focuses on start-ups and provides a unique combination of capital and creativity.

Aashish's background includes extensive experience in startups. He was also the founding director for GraphoNET (India) operations, an internet consulting company in 1999. He played an instrumental role in setting up and managing the operations during the formative years. He is credited with being the first to try to bridge the online and offline worlds with a loyalty card back in 1999 when internet was still in its infancy in India.

A leader in the Internet Marketing sector, in his previous role, he was with Infosys Technologies Ltd., in the online marketing team.
Selling begins when a product or service is ready for consumption.

Marketing, on the other hand, is much broader in scope and starts long before the selling process takes place. It is about building product and brand awareness, influencing consumer’s purchase considerations and making them repeat customers.

Marketing helps to improve selling.
Importance of On line marketing
Internet marketing has prospered like never before, and is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about the business, products and services. Internet marketing has grown at a much faster pace and one needs to be in-line with it's pace. If you can't take the advantage of this marketing channel then the competitors will do and you are helping your competitors to get business.

Online marketing will not produce results overnight. But, with the right drive, proper determination and efficiency one can utilize the power of internet marketing to work for any business.

It helps in building online brand, promote products and services, stay ahead of competitors, helps in learning the customer behaviour and helps in building list of prospects. Above all, we can achieve this in most economical way. Talent, Time and Effort is what one has to put in
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