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A Nehal M Shah
A Nehal M Shah

A Nehal M Shah

Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Xtensible Software Technologies


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Education system in India
I believe education system is doing it's job; but if they have a system to identify student's potential at early stage right after school and given them specialized skills learning rather than standard education pattern, we could have specialized industry skills ready from beginning of their career.
Importance of brand image
Branding is very important; but it doesn't come easy.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
I remember back in 2007 my VP of sales asked me a question "Where do you see yourself 5 years form now?" I had replied saying; "In your position" Somewhat I have achieved it ;-)
Current Job description
I am heading sales and responsible for overall growth, revenue generation for Xtensible. Planning for future growth, aligning adequate sources and resource planning.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Both equally important. Sales is a platform for innovation; only one strategy will not work forever.!
Handling new territory
It's somewhat difficult; but frankly speaking the globe is your market and be prepared to sale in universe.
Developing a country
Discipline and self respect; change yourself for better India.
Motivating team members
When one door closes; ten new opens. Show them how to come out of that and focus on new opportunity. Little break and fun at work works very well.
Upcoming Trends
Professional online networking is on it's high; but personal face to face meeting is very important building relations.
Essential skills
Commitment, self motivation, patience, good listening skills, and constant learning.
Effect of sales on an organization
Sales is a backbone of any organization. You can't be successful without Revenue generation.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Sales is highly respected job. Remember Sales brings money into the company; where others are cost..!
My family background
In my family; my parents are retired, younger sister who is married and settled in USA.
Essential qualification required
MBA in marketing or BE in information systems management is preferred; but most important is your passion for sales will bring you success.
Becoming good marketing professionals
Sales and Marketing are two different field; I have seen good marketing people becoming a sales professional but good sales people will not want to loose on extra incentives by entering into marketing field.!
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