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Vineet Rastogi

Vineet Rastogi

Founder & Managing Director

Global Barters


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Vineet Rastogi's Advice

Always have a strategy

I have not been spending too much time evaluating the risks involved. I have committed my good share of mistakes & really speaking without ... more>>

Be open minded

I am propagating the virtues of keeping your minds open. In routine, in our homes, management schools, work places, we are so used to doing thi... more>>
Keys to Effective Leadership
Setting your targets through conviction and then matching your conviction
with the aspirations of your team. I think that alignment goes a long
way in one’s success as a leader.
Thoughts on Consistent Leadership Performance
Thorough analytical approach, passionate execution,mutual respect for
the members of the team and seamless communication are important for a
team to perform consistently.
Tools to Motivate Yourself and Others
Thought leadership towards finding solutions for general good have always
been motivating me. Whether unique or not, I share even my small
aspirations with my team even at their inception stage. Link them up with
how and when, get the involvement of the team in the dreams, and
it becomes their aspiration too.
Gist of Your Leadership Role Over the Years
Over the years, I have realized that to err is human. To shirk work is
criminal. Team-excellence is a virtue which I value a notch above
individual excellence. Risk taking is not a vice. It may need to betaken
in a sane manner though.
Strategy to Avoid Mistakes as A Leader
I have not been spending too much time evaluating the risks involved. I
have committed my good share of mistakes & really speaking without
regrets. I have been driven by my hunch and in the process, I have either
earned or learnt. I can vouch for that with the benefit of hind-sight.
It is not to say that one must not evaluate and analyze,before plunging
into something new. Yes, now, I can afford the luxury of the analysis and
so, I must do it.
Role Model
I am immensely inspired by Mr. Narayan Murthy. His humble approach, equitable and humane means, his devout belief in ethics and law and respect for others and great analytical abilities, put to disciplined action to achieve his targets is inspiring and worth following. I like another Murthy, ie.Mahesh. These name sakes of Lord Vishnu & Shiva may just be a co-incidenceas I am not a typical believer. I though do believe that human beings are repositories of great potential, which can be realized to any extent. These people & so many others have shown that.
Lessons Learnt on the Way
Follow your conviction without fear of failure and keep your mind open to
all ways of communications,positive & negative feed-backs and do
care to think about them without prejudice. Nothing fails if your passion
Foresight of Yourself and Your Company
A very strong player at the National scene of counter-trade – right at
the TOP. B2B & B2C counter-trade is what I am pursuing and I am sure,
its going to be a significant thing in a few years. The company , while
maintaining its commercial objectives intact,would emerge as a key
Social Business with all the conventional ultra modern ways, with any
cutting edge technology tools any company could boast of.
Macroeconomic Variables that You Look Out for
Rural & Semi-urban demographics.
Fostering Innovation
 By just getting there and doing that.
Attaining Success through Adversity
By keeping my cool. Nothing can intimidate a man of limited needs. No
adversity is big enough to rattle one to despair if one realizes, what
the great men &women of this country could achieve with limited
means & adverse circumstances.Just hold your head above your
shoulders and apply the same rules and principles of ethics, morality,
discipline, sincerity and keep following your dreams with conviction.
Desire to Change the Past
Probably, would have started on my own a bit early. I realized that I was
to be an entrepreneur early but took the plunge after 13 long years of
serving the corporate from apprentice to MD. I am happy; today, young 
boys & girls do get the exposure,opportunity and the courage to take
the leap of faith early.
Suggestions on Leadership
I am propagating the virtues of keeping your minds open. In routine, in
our homes, management schools, work places, we are so used to doing
things in a particular way that we do not look at things from another
perspective. May be, we have some better things there, some better
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