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Ask Shmuel Yacobi for Advice
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Shmuel Yacobi
Shmuel Yacobi

Shmuel Yacobi

Founder President

Hebrew Open University Study Center, Benei Beraq, Israel


Shmuel Yacobi is a member of:

Job Profile:
I am the founder president of Hebrew Open University Study Center. I have prepared the course materials and the syllabi for all nationals, individuals and participants. I have enough friendly staff to offer distance education courses to all nations. I have been doing this since 1986
Career Profile:
I have started this service to all in 1986. Many students have done our courses and got benefits. Today everything is changing quickly. Now the world is reachable through mail and the people are looking to learn about life on earth. Our courses are the answer to all.
Done Differently:
I will take more steps along the lines of making my work completely organized in all nations. I will extend my branches in all nations. I will get these course materials translated in all languages. I will share my position to all nations and responsible persons to carry on my work.
Advice For New Professionals:
I strongly suggest that the professionals should share all the responsibilities and benefits of what they are working for. One man's ownership is like a monarchy. In history we have seen great empires disappeared because of such ownership. The world belongs to Ha-Shem and he gave it to all of us.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I started my self-employment work through this institution, I have to deal everything by snail mail. Now it is through internet. It is reachable to all nations today. I happened to meet other professionals and keep in touch with them.
Degrees That Matter:
I did Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Divinity, Basic Hebrew and Greek and Master of Arts [philosophy] and experience since 1970 in this work.
The Journey So Far:
I have yearned many learners and friends. I have started making a Telugu comedy movie about the present educational system. I am in the process of editing my movie. My movie will make the audience to think about the available definitions of the term education when they see my comedy movie.
Working Life Management:
I have developed a life system that keeps me live happily with my work, my family, my friends, my neighbors. I am able to manage with more ease. I am sure that my students will certainly enjoy the same ease in their life as self-employed professionals.
Plans For The Future:
I see my self as the happiest person that accomplished his hear desires. I see my self as the forerunner and path-maker for the learners and graduates in my school of thought. I will make Aliah and live in Israel with my family, community and with my countrymen.
Role Model:
It is our forefathers Adam and Eve who inspired one man Abraham to accept the way of life as instrument to bless all nations. It is this Hebrew ideology that inspired me. I feel proud to carry on my forefathers Yehoseph and Ephraim's work, the greatest instruments of world peace of all times.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I have introduced the new ideology to all nations to become part of working for world peace. I have introduced a new trend to live independently and with peace. I have produced a comedy movie on education. I have trained many students. I feel proud to see that my life goals are fulfilled by Adonai
Required Reading:
I suggest that all professionals should read my book 'John Milton at Pandemonium' - an English poetry which I am willing to dedicate to His Majesty Prince Charles. I also suggest that all should read my ultimate theological work 'The Nathanble'.
Growth Strategy:
I am sharing my position with others and giving them training to take all responsibilities to see that all nations work for world peace promotion. I am sending messages to all nations to think about the poor, children, women, destitutes, illiterates, less privileged and sufferers of all kinds.
The Decisions That Matter
Our final destination is world peace. All these life experiences will gather and learn about our life and its future. My school trains and gives the basic knowledge to live independently. The present education makes the learners employees. I want to see that all my students are self-employed.
Family Background
I belong to the Bene Ephraim Community. My father Yacob and my mother Elishebah were teachers in the Elementary school at Kothareddipalem. My forefathers left us a tradition that Ha-Shem will take us back to Israel and make us work as his instruments to bless all nations with peace.
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