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Arun Bakshi
Arun Bakshi

Arun Bakshi

Technical Support Engineer

KB Consultants


Arun Bakshi is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My family comprises of 2 members me and my younger brother. I work as Technical Support Engineer at Brother Tech Online Services Srinagar J881984K while my brother is doing his Bachelors in Hotel Management in Srinagar JK.
Degrees that Matter
No Sir, I dont have any certifications in Software Testing but I recommned Certified Software Tester (CSTE) certification to the readers. Certified Software Tester (CSTE) indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality control in the IT profession.
Areas for the Future
Some of the key areas where one need to specialize to move ahead in career path in testing apart from good knowledge in software lifecycle testing process are:
1. Domain Knowledge 2. Automation Testing Tools Knowledge (CASE Tools) 3. Niche areas in Testing
Plans for the Future
I am definetely interested in making a long-term commitment to my next position. This position is exactly what I am looking for and what I am very well qualified to do. In terms of my future career path, I am confident that if I do my work with excellence, opportunities will inevitable open.
Required Reading
Few Software Testing books that I recommend are:
The Art of Software Testing by Glenford, Software Testing: Principles and Practices by Srinivasan Desikan, Gopalaswamy Ramesh
Few Software Testing Websites and Publications that I recommend are:,,
Role Model
My role model are my teachers and my parents. The reason is because they have or had to deal with me and that is a big job. I haven’t been disappointed by a role model because everyone makes mistakes, why judge them for it? I don’t believe there are people who view me as a role model.
Changes in the industry
Various emerging trends have changed the QA/Testing industry like the induction of Automated Tools for Testing. They have enabled us to create Automated Tests that are resistant to changes in the user interface. The UI of the application may change between builds, automated testing takes care of it.
Parting thoughts
The various other new trends have shown up in the software testing industry are as:

• Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Test Driven Development (TDD)
• Web based applications
• Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
A Fine Balance:
Track my time. Track everything I do, including work-related and personal activities. Take advantage of my options. Ask my employer about flex hours. Manage my time. Organize my household tasks efficiently. Bolster my support system. At work, join with co-workers who can cover for me & vice-versa.
Tech trends to watch out for
Test driven development, Continuous Integration, Tools driven developer testing. As a result of using these innovative methods, as a tester I can now spend a lot more of time on integration testing, stress, platform coverage, and end-to-end scenario testing hence higher level defect detection.
Most Important Decisions
Some of the important career decisions I made are:
1. Not to change my line of study after my graduation.
2. Going for work-study process after my graduation which gave me required work experience and the qualification as well.
3. Moving out of my place to go for the work-study programme.
Currently working at
In my current job i am required to remotely troubleshoot, guide for software problems using remote access for international clients. Also I am required to help clients to optimize their systems, routers, switches, ADSL etc. Also to perform Requirements Specifications. I also assist web-project dev.
The Journey So Far
My journey in the years has given me good experience. Every given chance is a moment of challenge to enhance my skills even more in any situation. I like to make significant contributions where I am working. By far the most rewarding experience to help international clients in technical aspects.
Essential Advice
As an advice I would like the starters to ask themselves few questions like: There goal in life, What will increase there satisfaction and skill? areas of interest? finally are you looking for career in software testing or just a job? By answering these questions they will land to a decision.
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