World's 10 Most Internet Addicted Countries

BANGALORE: Internet has become a basic tool for trading, entertainment, communication, as well as education in the contemporary world. The prevalence of Internet use worldwide is increasing, despite the high speed of information flow. Here is a list of 10 most internet addicted countries in 2014.


In a country with 96.2 percent of population online, Iceland doesn't have the fastest desktop internet speeds and fastest mobile speeds in the world. They use renewable energy sources in the world to access the web. In the world, currently where there is consumption for huge amounts of electricity, total connectivity and huge data centers, Iceland has proved to be a major hub of international web traffic, as well as an icon of universal and sustainable access.


In a country with 95 percent of population online, Norway was the very first non-English speaking country online. Today the country ranks among the top 10 desktop and mobile internet speeds globally. Even though there is shortage of water facilities in remote communities, due to the development and wide spread of broadband, they enjoy some of the fastest internet connections in the world. Only 5 percent of the Norwegian population remains unconnected.


With 94 percent of online population, Swedish residents access the internet with desktop and mobile, having ranked in 8th and 5th place in the world respectively. The most influential torrent site called The Pirate Bay which was founded in Sweden in 2003. A website that provides magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the Bit Torrent protocol. It is the most visited torrent directory on the World Wide Web.  After living on the run for almost two years, a co-founder of file-sharing website, the Pirate Bay, was arrested in Sweden to serve a sentence for violating copyright laws.

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