The Most Secure Operating Systems

BANGALORE: As Microsoft is pulling down its support for the operating system Windows XP globally, users will not receive any security updates, online content updates for their XP operating system. Hence, users are forced to rely on some other secured operating system. Below listed are alternative operating systems that can alter the computing landscape for the coming decades, as compiled by

Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system for computers, laptops and tablets developed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows 7 includes some advanced features such as device stage, HomeGroup, jump lists, library and one-click Wi-Fi. This operating system provides the users with a sleek status window to browse files, manage media and perform other tasks. By setting up a HomeGroup, users can share documents, printers and can easily connect with two or more devices running on windows 7 OS. Jump lists offer quick access to documents, pictures, music and even to composing new email messages. To open a jump list, you can right click the program button on the taskbar or click the arrow near to the program on the start menu. Libraries have special folders in windows 7 so that all your scattered files, pictures, music and videos can be listed under one roof. Moreover, it is easy to share within the HomeGroup. Windows 7 offers a wireless connection and the users can select it from the available hotspot lists, by clicking the system’s tray icon.

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