Smartphones Overtake Dumb Phones For The First Time In History

Smartphones Overtake Dumb Phones For The First Time In History

Bangalore: A recent report from IDC has revealed that Smartphones are outdoing feature phones, for the first time in the history of mobile phones.

IDC’s report said that out of 419 million mobile phones shipped worldwide, Smartphones constituted around 216 million (51.6 percent), compared to 189 million regular cellphones in the first three months of this year.

While U.S. saw the shift since 2011, India, China and Indonesia are the next countries in line.

According to another research from New York based ABI Research, Smartphones have made up 49 percent of the shipments in the first quarter. Though companies like Samsung Electronics do not give a breakdown of their shipments, analysts are banking on their estimates which made it clear that the market will be overtaken by Smartphones this year.

The shift from cell phones, which are mainly used for calling and text messages, to Smartphones has drastically brought down the cellphone industry, atleast for some companies. Nokia, which was once a major in the feature phone segment, has come down to the second position in the total number of mobile phones shipped, with 14.8 percent of the market share after Samsung’s with 27.5 percent.

Motorola Mobility which is now owned by Google has suffered the same. Apple has become the world’s third largest cell phone maker, with 8.9 percent market share.

When it comes to sale of only Smartphones, Samsung has also overtaken others with a market share of 32.7 percent along with Apple coming in second at 17.3 percent. LG, ZTE and Huawei are trying their way best to compete for the third place.

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