Samsung's Latest Smartphone Innovation Will 'Blow' Your Brains

Bangalore: Korean electronics giant, Samsung is on plans to kill off the keyboard and touchscreen of Smartphones in favor of mind control. The technology which the company stresses on lets users to control a computing device with their thoughts, according to AFP reports.

The project is led by Samsung’s Emerging Lab in partnership with Roozbeh Jafari, an assistant professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas. Followed by the research, test subjects were able to launch apps on a tablet, pick a song on a playlist or a contact from an address book and switch on or switch off the device. But, according to the MIT Technology Review, the features are hardly expected to roll out as part of Samsung’s 2014 product line-up.

To control the tablet with their minds, users have to wear a cap full of EEG monitoring electrodes which works only when it is wet; precisely a gel needs to be applied to the head before wearing the cap. Jafari says; "Depending on how many electrodes you have, this can take up to 45 minutes to set up, and the system is uncomfortable."

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The project aims at recognizing and isolating the right brainwaves, to develop better sensors that can work without liquid and ultimately, offer another form of device interaction which could be a true breakthrough for those who are unable to operate technology due to disabilities via voice, swipe, touch or gesture.