Samsung Walks In Its Rivals Footsteps, Reveals Galaxy S4 Gold Edition

Bangalore: After Apple revealed its iPhone 5S in golden hue, South Korean Giant Samsung, walking on the rival Apple’s footsteps, too announced its Galaxy S4 in gold edition.

Apple broke its stereotype by adding a Champaign hued iPhone 5S to its exiting white and carbon black models. The new hue turned out to be a huge hit as consumers overwhelmingly choosing the gold-colored model over the two other color options. People trying to buy a gold phone in Apple's online store on Friday saw a message stating the phone will not ship until October.

However, Samsung recently posted Galaxy S4 Gold Edition pictures on its Samsung Gulf account, and the company has also teased the device in new attire on Twitter. "Introducing the new #GalaxyS4 Gold Edition - for a style that's uniquely yours!," the tweet reads.   

But the handset maker Samsung did reveal that the golden edition will be released globally or only in Gulf.   

However, the new galaxy S4 sports newer imaging features alongside 'gesture-control' technology. The device has a five-inch full HD super AMOLED touchscreen coupled with 13 mega pixel rear, 2 mega pixel front camera and supports 3G networks.

The social media was abuzz with Facebook post and tweets snarking about Samsung copying Apple.

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