Mobile Phones Alone Account For 90 Percent Of Samsung's Profit

Bangalore: Samsung Electronics made a huge leap in the first quarter of 2013, retaining its top position in the worldwide Smartphone market. As per the financial earnings report, the company made an operating profit of $7.9 billion and net profit of $6.45 billion in Q1 2013.

As compared to its other products, the revenue mainly came from its mobile business which adds up to 90 percent of its total operating profit accumulating $5.8 billion.

More than 60 percent of Samsung’s shipment included Smartphones. It shipped 70.7 million Smartphones which adds up to 32.7 percent global Smartphone market share. The company shipped 115 million, adding both Smartphone and its other range of phones together which covers 27.5 percent global mobile market share.

Even though Samsung had no major launches in Q1 2013, the shipment of Smartphone surged 60.7 percent compared to Q1 2012. The shipment equaled its rival Apple Inc and Nokia Corporation combined together, who made 37.4 million and 4 million respectively.  Huawei Technology Co Ltd. made 9.9 million, LG Electronics Inc. 10 million and ZTE Corporation made shipment of 9.1 million, respectively.

However, the company had poor performance in its other line of products. When compared Quarter On Quarter there was 23 percent decline in digital appliances, 29percent decline in TV sales, 11 and 10 percent decline in Device panel and Semiconductor segment respectively.

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