Is Microsoft's Cortana Better Than Apple's Siri?

BANGALORE: Microsoft has come out with its virtual assistant ‘Cortana’ for its mobile phones on the new update. Cortana is a combination of Apple’s voice assistant ‘Siri’ and Google now, powered by the search giant Google.

Cortana is a personal digital assistant which helps you organize your day to day activities, along with your regular web searches for information. It acts as a primary way to discover and search for information just like an assistant who manages your meetings, reminders and daily chores.

"Siri is this anthropomorphized character, but Siri doesn't know you personally," Joe Belfiore, corporate Vice President of Microsoft's operating system group, said in an interview.

It is another way for the company to claim its position in the market, which currently accounts to only 3 percent of the worldwide shipments in the sector as per International data corporation, a research firm.

‘Cortana’ what is it so different about it compared to Apple’s Siri and the Google Now? Let’s start with what Apple’s siri can do—it can call, send messages, schedule meetings, launch apps/games, play music, answer questions, lets you set reminders and provides weather forecasts. It has significantly improved in voice recognition and functionality from the first it was launched.

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