Facebook Headed For Extinction, May Lose 80 Pct Users By 2017

Bangalore: The most touted social networking site ‘Facebook’ may get deprived of 80 percent of its active users by 2017, says researchers from Princeton University. Researches explain the epidemic trend that has been displayed by users with reference to case study conducted on Myspace which had a similar fate.,

The study was conducted by John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler, from Princeton University’s mechanical and aerospace engineering department based on the count of Google searches with ‘Facebook’ as the keyword. Researchers published their finding entitled Epidemiological modeling of online social network dynamics in which they said “Ideas are spread through communicative contact between different people who share ideas with each other. Idea manifesters ultimately lose interest with the idea and no longer manifest the idea, which can be thought of as the gain of ‘immunity’ to the idea,” as reported in The Guardian.

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