Beyond Oculus VR ,5 Tech Cos Working On 3D Virtual Reality

#2 Microsoft Kinect

The Kinect was the device which had both the worlds together, the virtual and the augmented reality . The virtual one was shown to us on the monitor or on a wall by the Kinect may not on par with Oculus Rift, but it is pretty awesome.

For the augmented reality, Microsoft researchers have created a concept which uses virtual simulator reactions based on the physical world. It has a sensor called the Kinect Fusion, which makes the projections of objects react differently. The device which connects the Kinect sensor and the projector called the Beamatron is connected to a rotary head on the ceiling and it scans and maps the whole place.

 It has realistic motion sensors and projects the image anywhere in the room. Even if it bumps into obstacles in the room the image is never distorted. It also  shows virtual objects interacting within the physical objects like never before and the projector can sense what is happening in the room and shows changes in seconds.

#3  CastAR

‘CastAR’ the inexpensive augmented reality glasses made by the former Value developers, Jeri Ellsworth, the chip engineering wizard and the game programmer Rick Johnson by creating a startup called  Technical Illusions. The company  received a huge acceptance and has raised $1 million in funding on Kickstarter in November.

The glasses can project a 3D holographic images in front of you and  you can get to see virtual image over a real one, or get to feel yourself to be in a gaming world. It works on glass surfaces too and reflects a layer called “retro reflective”. The company plans to give the glasses to its supporters at Kickstarter.

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