Beyond Maps, The 10 Biggest Mistakes From Apple

#9 MobileMe – 2008

MobileMe was considered as ‘big thing’ of that time; Apple’s first big foray in to cloud computing. It was a paid service, used to synchronize email, calendars, address books and settings between Macintosh and iPhones; and the launch was in sync with launch of iPhone3G, the App Store, and iPhone 2.0 software update.

And the ‘big thing’ of the moment turned out to be fiasco; with people failing to receive email and the service suffering long outages.  This also brought forth Steve Jobs another image out, which was far from cool, and genius. Jobs has said to be arranged meeting with MobileMe staff, and asked what the service meant, up on getting answer by the team he outburst saying “ Then why the hell its not working” and even fired the hesd of the team in front of all, only to publically apologize later .

MobileMe is now iCloud—and provides storage for millions iPads ans iPhones, along with emailing, and delivering text message –style iMessages over mobile data.