Beyond Maps, The 10 Biggest Mistakes From Apple

Bangalore: Apple is a brand which enjoyed feverish, craze filled, excited reception of its products. Doted as most innovative electronics, it paved way to new generation of products, and no one wants to deny it either. While apple enjoys its utmost glory, there were few things, including the latest Maps for iOS 6 which end up, ridiculing it. Read on to know the products which do not go hand in hand with brand repute.

#10 Apple Maps- 2012

The newest offering by apple is Apple Maps, on latest iOS 6. While new OS seemed exciting to try on, users dreaded about using Apple Maps. Many started to get creative with potshots at maps: Irish politician stated Maps “dangerously misleading” for a Farm is labeled as Airport, and rivals is calling it “iLost”.

Though Apple Maps is a recent release, it already gathered towering heap of complaints. Users say that maps are inaccurate, glitch-ridden, and a poor substitute for Google Maps, and to add to the matter, there’s no information about public transportation; searches for in town destination sometimes return results to entirely different city, bridges wavy and scary.   

But why Apple isn’t taking any notice, or adamant on accepting the flaw? It seems like Apple embarked on it for better or worse.