Beyond iOS and Android, 8 Best Mobile OS in The World

Bangalore: “Consumers Love Choices— they opt for the platter that offers variety.” But if the consumer habits for the technology are considered, the quote holds no ground; they tend to gravitate towards dominant products. Be it Windows OS for PCs or Amazon for online sale or Android and iOS platform for the mobiles— all exhort monopoly in respective fields.      

So where Android rules the roost and iOS is close on its heels as dominant consumer choices for smart devices, and the role gets reversed if corporate consumers are considered, read on to know 8 mobile platforms that are plying for user attention with all the goodies in store.

#8 Tizen

Samsung-backed Tizen has officially been announced at the Mobile World Congress. The Tizen 2.0 OS is based on the Linux operating system similar to Android. IDC Analyst Francisco Jeronimo tweeted from the event saying that the first Tizen device will debut in France in August/ September, with Orange and Samsung, followed by other markets in 2014.

Tizen is an open-source OS co-developed by The Linux Foundation and Intel, Tizen is made up of the popular Linux kernel and WebKit runtime.

Despite being associated with some of the biggest names in tech, Tizen has had a difficult upbringing; developed by Nokia and Intel, it was abandoned by the Finnish phone maker and passed on to Samsung, where it was merged with Bada, the Korean company's own OS.

Samsung will completely giving Bada OS, and it will get integrate into the Tizen OS project. However the new Tizen devices will be able to run Bada apps.

Fujitsu and Huawei have thrown their weight behind the OS and are committed to making Tizen phones, too.

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