Awesome Websites That Make You Smarter

BANGALORE: Bored of reading magazines and Facebook feeds online? Here are some alternate websites you can check out which will enhance your work skills and knowledge. Read on to find out about some informative and influential websites which are designed to make your life better, as compiled by the Business Insider.

# Digital Photography School

Want to know more about photography? Here is a website to learn all about it even if you are an amateur photographer. Digital Photography school is a website which provides all the information you need to know about digital cameras by learning all about it. The site offers lessons which include DSLR settings, lighting and many more and also has a forum for interaction with the other photographers as well.

# Lifehacker

Lifehacker is a Weblog which offers tips on life hack methods that is any skill, trick or a shortcut which increases productivity in different aspects of life. Owned by Gawker media the site covers wide range of topics like software, programs for Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems with tips and tricks on it. The site is updated up to 18 times each week day except for the fewer updates on the weekends. According to Wikipedia, PC magazine had included Life hacker website under “Our Favorite 100 Blogs” in the year 2007.

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