A Developers Checklist for Ruby Programming

Bangalore: A simple programming language to learn, Ruby is finding wide usage in the present development industry. Its definitive features like Duck Typing, Exception handling and centralized packet management, laced with a large standard library, make it a top choice for developers in almost all fields of coding.

Designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto of Japan in the mid nineties, Ruby programming language has a comparatively long list of supported programming paradigms including OOP, functional and imperative programming. Hence, it might get confusing for a programmer to decide how to go about it or where exactly to start from.

Here is the developer’s checklist that would give a head-start towards mastering Ruby.

1. The Language

Ruby has a very simple syntax for a programmer who has worked on languages like C or C++ for about some time. But to compensate the ease, the language presents a vast field of applications and requires skilled programming aptitude in terms of building algorithms and executing long strings of loops. The best thing to do as a start would be to work on a simple project that would touch all the corners of the language and get an idea about everything that Ruby has to offer the developer.