Mobile Is The Next Big Thing Says Eric Schmidt

Mobile Is The Next Big Thing Says Eric Schmidt

Thursday, 21 March 2013, 06:00 Hrs
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Mobile Is The Next Big Thing Says Eric Schmidt

New Delhi: Mobile is the next big thing and no company can ignore Smartphones and technologies that drive mobile applications, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said.

"In the near term, the next big thing is mobile. As it was last year and the year before that," Schmidt said here at a Nasscom event on the launch of an initiative on catalyzing start-ups in India.

Emphasizing on the growth in Smartphone usage and mobile computing, he said businesses should have their best developers working on their mobile applications.

"As Smartphones are growing, mobile apps are also going to be a big thing and no company can ignore that," he said.

Schmidt, who has previously worked with Novell and Sun Microsystems, said that Android will be a major player in the mobile phone market.

"Android is going to be the majority player in the market. It supports a lot of devices and is a great platform," he added.

Another thing which the Princeton University electrical engineering graduate feels is important for innovation is artificial intelligence. "I would want my computer to tell me what I have to do, who I have to meet, what I said and what wrong did I say. More artificial intelligence is going to drive innovation."

For a mobile app to become successful, he said that a better way is to develop a platform which other people can use to innovate.

"Another most important thing, which a start-up needs to know is DNROOC -- Do Not Run Out Of Cash," he advised.

On the most successful CEOs, Schmidt said that Apple founder Steve Jobs is the most impressive person.

"Steve is the most impressive CEO. He was a complicated person but he had a vision to change the world," he added.

For a successful business leader, he said one needs to see the future before anyone else does it.

"Entrepreneurs are born, they cannot be created. You cannot be trained, it has to come from within," Schmidt said.

On Google's success, he said, "We focus on hiring the smartest people and I would advise you to look for the smartest people around and convince them to join your company."

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Source: PTI
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