Hottest Technologies of 2015 And Beyond

Hottest Technologies of 2015 And Beyond

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 29 March 2012, 11:42 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: It’s human nature to fantasize about the future. But have you ever imagined your mobile changing its shape to fit your pocket or having a two inch music player, which can store all your music achieves?

This is how technology around you is evolving and in five to ten years from now, companies including IBM, Intel and Microsoft will commercialize many of these technologies which were once, just a fantasy.


The technology was developed by Clara Gaggero, head of Vitamins Design Ltd in a BlackBerry sponsored project. SkinDisplay uses piezoelectricity to display raised-up letters on the back of your phone, which can be imprinted into your thumb with a press. The raised-up message includes caller name, reason for call and the urgency, which is represented by three dots.

"If you're in a meeting and you hear your phone ring, you immediately get stressed out because you can't answer it. Is it an emergency? Is something wrong with the kids? We wanted to give the phone a chance to be discreet," Gaggero says.

So you simply put your hand in pocket, press the raised portion in mobile and read the imprinted message in your hand without anybody knowing it. The technology was patented by Research In Motion, the BlackBerry maker in 2011.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: Avoid the cloud all that you can. Its purpose is to just charge you more and to ensure that you don't 'own' anything anymore. Once you get used to 'the cloud', you will then be charged a monthly fee etc etc
Posted by:Rohan - 29 Mar, 2012
2: The New battery being developed by IBM is the most promising one
Posted by:Vinay - 29 Mar, 2012
Exactly right but We can't even get people to stop using paper checks and they want to push this out? 3 or 5 years is not realistic for mainstream.
Rupesh Paul Replied to: Vinay - 29 Mar, 2012