Google Never Wanted Motorola To Build An Ultimate Android Phone

BANGALORE: We always thought that Motorola is going to charm the Smartphone users combining its efficient hardware with Google’s smart software, but it seems the search giant had a different plans over its $12.5 billion buyout, according to Amir Efrati (ex WSJ reporter), from The Information. 

Motorola’s executives constantly requested for Google’s support in the form of technology and marketing funds, but Larry Page apparently have declined them. Even if Moto X was a well-designed phone with interesting features, it did not turn out to be the ultimate Android phone, in the similar way most of Google projects became. But it was not due to the lack of requirement on Motorola’s side, the report said.

Efrati furthers says that Motorola had a great visualization for a Smartphone that includes hardware of Google’s cloud expertise and unrivaled computing sources. By combining natural language processing- Motorola planned to take voice commands to the next level, and to allow its devices to comprehend not the simple commands  like “Okay, Google”, but the complicated queries offering seamless voice interactions.

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