9 Things About The Powerful Online Money, Bitcoin

#8 The advantages

Bitcoins are basically digital currency, so you can have any amount of currency you want in your phone or other electronic storage device. You need not worry about the taxability of your purchases since any transactions you do using Bitcoins are untraceable.

Unlike physical currency, Bitcoins cannot be easily stolen because it requires an authorized physical device to transfer them.

Once the Bitcoin transaction is done, it cannot be reversed because the ownership changes immediately.

There is no restriction on age or country for a person to use Bitcoins because it is not liable to any governing body or country.

#7 Using Bitcoins

You can use the digital currency at varied places. You can use it to donate to popular sites like Wordpress, Reddit, 4Chan, The Pirate Bay, EZTV and Internet Archive.

If you are fan of cloud storage, you can get 50GB free storage that Kim Dotcom's Mega.co.nz offers with Bitcoins. And if you are big on gambling, you can try your luck at places like www.satoshibet.com and www.bc-casino. com.  

The shopping websites like www.somethinggeeky.com accepts Bitcoin payments.

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