8 Most Powerful Technology Implementations

Bangalore: The implementation of technology is mirrored very brightly in every aspect of life. The onset of twenty first centaury witnessed technology revolution with the invention of diesel engine, supercomputer and robots. Researches in the field of energy production and space exploration and other high end technology spheres demanded the need for massive machines with high potential, competence and computational capability. The demand had lead to some of the most powerful technological implementations in the universe. Read on to know 8 of them as compiled by Listverse.

#8 Camera

The world’s most powerful camera is titled as ‘Dark Energy Camera’   and it is used by scientists who study speedy expansion of the universe. Built at Fermilab in Illinois the massive camera is 70 times more powerful than a phone camera. It is handy and can click photographs of masses 8 billion light-years away from earth. The camera constitutes of 5 lenses each of 570-megapixel costing $1.6 million each. Dark energy camera will be installed in the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile and will take pictures of 300 million galaxies thus unveiling the mysteries of universe that got scientists trapped for years.

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