8 Tricks For Getting Exactly What You Want On Google

BANGALORE: Although everybody finds what they’re looking for on Google, there are some tips on finding some search results quicker. So, that’s exactly what we are going to find out here as compiled by the Business Insider.

# Google’s Search by image

Want to find out information about an image? Looks like Google has the answer for it. The search engine helps you find similar images or the same ones that you are looking for. With the reverse image search option it also helps you find the exact same wall paper or screen saver that you have spotted on your friends desktop or a laptop by giving you different sizes in it too. Google search image even helps you find names for the photo you are probably wondering how to find out.

# To find specific details

Google search helps you find specific details of the information you need. For instance, just type ‘Movies’ followed by the city you live in and a list of suggestions rolls down, which include the ones playing in around the location you are searching for. That’s not all, it allows you to do this for weather, and gets flight schedules and even helps you locate time in other countries as well.

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