7 Google X Projects Turning Science Fiction Into Reality

Bangalore: We all love watching sci-fi movies. But wouldn’t it be better if all those futuristic gadgets became a reality?  Google is one tech company that is working hard to blur the line between science fiction and reality. The company has a hush- hush lab headed by co-founder Sergey Brin somewhere in the Bay Area of North California. Called the Google X, the lab is said to be the den of 100 odd futuristic projects. Read on to find out 7 such Google X gadgets that will blow your mind.

1. Indoor Maps

Google maps are a godsend for the world. But the company cranked it up a notch by introducing Indoor maps. ‘Indoor maps’ give users the indoor layout of certain airports and malls in USA and Japan. The user is marked by a blue do. It becomes easy to maneuver your way using the Indoor maps.

This was one of the first launches by Google X and was minimally publicized. The company launched apps for smartphones with the indoor map feature too. The idea sounds promising and let us hope that Google goes on to map our whole world for us.