6 Top Tech CEOs Who Lead By Fear

Bangalore: CEOs are known for their capabilities to turn failing companies into fortune companies; well the methods adopted may not always be fine and fair. There are some CEOs whose mere presence makes employees to stick to their work desk, and take up a sober stance; here’s a list of top six tech CEOs who led the employees by ‘fear’.

#6 Marissa Ann Mayer:

Marissa Ann Mayer is currently president and CEO of yahoo, the youngest chief executive running a Fortune 500 company. Previously she worked for Google for 12 years at various designations, like, led product management and design efforts for Google web search, images, news, books, products, toolbar, and iGoogle. 

Though she had a good reputation at Google for being incredibly smart and hard working; the Wall Street Journal reports that she has a brusque and micromanaging style that make her a difficult boss.

The WSJ also states that Mayer is obsessed with minute details that went down to various shades of color in making new Google products.