5 Technologies That Are About To Die

Bangalore: Technology is evolving at a pace that defies Mother Nature's pace for evolution. A decade ago the mobile with tiny screen that can display caller name was big, but now, that technology makes you feel lame while you hold a Smartphone in your hand. The desktop PCs which were once a cool thing-thanks to tablet computers- are now redundant and are en-route to extinction. If you follow the evolution of the tech world, you can be sure that some of the technologies which we use today, be it hard discs or wired internet, will not lost long to be witnessed by the kids that are born now. Read on to know 5 such technologies as compiled by Yahoo!

#5 Windowed Operating Systems

True, Windows OS have been the most used PC platform in the world for nearly two decades now. But by the time the kids born now grow to use a computer, Windows OS will be extinct or at least it won’t be in the present form where each application you run is displayed in a draggable box that has a title bar and widgets.

Microsoft has already signaled its intent to kill an age old Windows OS by making the tile-based Metro UI the default screen for Windows 8.

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