15 Amazing Google Projects That Failed!

#14 Google Answers

Google Answers was a second search engine introduced by Google. Users could use this portal to post bounties for well-researched answers to their queries. This search engine was not free and charged users from $2 to $200 for single queries and also suggested them to leave an optional tip of up to $100. For example, if someone wanted to know the manufacturers of LCD screens in South Africa. The person would post question with a bounty on it. Google retained 25 per cent of the researcher's reward and a 50 cent fee per question. The service was soon shut down as users preferred Google’s popular, free search engine to find all their answers.

#13 Google Print Ads and Google Radio Ads

Google ventured into traditional media by divulging in selling print and radio ads at a lower cost. It also struck a deal with Clear Channel Radio, to sell about 5 per cent of its advertising space. Even with its tech savvy expertise, Google’s print media project did not live up to its expectations as it did not give the company the required impact it was hoping for. Thus the services were discontinued in 2009.

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