15 Amazing Google Projects That Failed!

Bangalore: Google, the search engine giant is known for out of the box products that always arouse curiosity. The company is one of the best wealth creators for investors who continue to believe in its dominance of the mobile and video advertising businesses. However, Google also had its own share of failures, with some products that seemed revolutionary, but were discontinued shortly after launch, as they lacked the potential to capture interest among the mass.

As compiled by Rediff, here is list of Google projects that failed.

#15 Google Lively

Launched in 2008, this was one of Google’s social networking projects that barely lasted six months. Lively provided a three dimensional virtual social networking platform which allowed users to create and customize avatars and interact with others. Even though it was an innovative concept, it failed to live up to its expectations and the company decided to end the project and shift its focus to core search, ads and apps business.

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