12 "Unbelievable" Perks Offered To Top Tech Execs

Bangalore: Top tech company execs are quite famous for their fat pay checks. But think again, it’s not the big pay checks but the free perks which can really stun you. The kind of ”luxuries” offered by companies include hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of time on the corporate jet to odd things like "personal" use of a company administrative assistant. Read to know the 12 weird but awesome perks the companies offered to their top execs as compiled by Business Insider.

#12 HP's Meg Whitman enjoys the company's many jets

The CEO of HP, Meg Whitman, is a billionaire and owns her own aircrafts. But the twist is that, as a perk she gets to use one of the many airplanes HP has got in its hanger. She can use these jets for private travel for herself and her family. She accumulated $198,000+ worth of personal aircraft usage last year. She earned $15.4 million last year, including perks.

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