10 Worst Habits of Software Developers

9. Go even a day without a build

A repeated build is the heartbeat of a healthy project and a developer can't live without it.

With tools like Jenkins CI, there is absolutely no excuse. It takes only a few hours and a Virtual Machine to set up an instance. It can even be configured to run when code is checked in to a revision control system such as SVN or Git. It allows unit tests to run, metrics to be gathered, and emails to be sent when something breaks.

8. Use ClearCase (or any slow or pessimistic locking revision control system)

ClearCase and many other revision control system are very slow that causes developers to "wait" to check out or check in their code. This drains a developer’s productivity massively. It also causes aggregated risk. Even a repeated build is useless if developers have to wait to check in. It's a continual drain on the project.