10 Reasons Why Apple Bans Google from iOS 6

Bangalore: The new Apple operating system iOS 6 is still in the pipeline and is giving surprises to the industry everyday announcing features like Siri, a new share screen, etc. But the latest one to stun the world is the news that there will be no YouTube app in iOS 6. This came after Apple announced the replacement of Google Maps with its own Maps application, a couple of months ago.

The effect of this change would be to the users who now will be forced to watch YouTube videos from within the browser. It is clear that Apple wants to keep Google out of its operating system and hence from its devices.

Here are the reasons why.

1. They are Competitors

It is not very surprising that Apple wants to keep Google away from its devices. They have been the archrivals for a few years. Where iPhone is one of the largest selling Smartphone powered by Apple’s own iOS, Google powers more than half of the world’s Smartphones with its Android.

And now with the purchase of Motorola, Google is entering into hardware which is likely to prove a stiff competition to Apple. It is common business sense not to let a rival prosper in your territory.