10 Most Used Smartphone Apps In The World

#3 YouTube

Total users-35 percent

YouTube, the world’s biggest video repository has an app that stands 3rd in the list of world’s most used apps. The app lets its users to share video contents, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos. If you want to showcase a personal video of your own or any other amateur or educational contents the app will never disappoint you. People can watch videos even that are being uploaded free of cost with YouTube app.

#2 Facebook Mobile App

Total users-44 percent

As the motto of Facebook goes, this app helps you get connected with your friends, upload photos and send instant messages. Facebook app comes with almost all the features that the social networking media giant offers. It is common to think that the Facebook app may have the most number of users considering the popularity. However, it bagged only the second position in the chart with 44 percent users.

#1 Google Map

Total users-54 percent

Google map, the web-mapping service application by Google bagged the first slot with 54 percent of users. The technology provides satellite and high-resolution aerial images for most urban areas all over the world. The app is indeed a friend in need when travelling to an unknown area. However due to the infrequent updates you may be provided with an outdated result. Also with the app starting to offer indoor maps, terrorist threats are concerning issue to Governments as the satellite images in map can be misused.