10 Lamest Ways People Use Their Smartphones

#8 Smartphones used in coldplay concerts replacing lighters

These days Smartphones are degraded to such a way that they are used in place of lighters. Smartphones apps like Zippo lighter that gives an actual lightereffect are being used by most of the people to assist them to get through dark places. This wonderful app starts its work with a simple flick of your wrist and can be turned off easily with your thumb. No risk of burns, use this app to find your dear ones in a dark theatre hall. But is this the right way to use your amazing gadget? What’s the harm in using a torch app instead? That turns camera flash into torch.

#7 Taking Selfies

People taking their self portraits have become a fad today. Sometimes you can see your friend’s self pics in crazy deck poses. Selfpic literally kills! Crazy dudes eagerly take their selfies infront of mall or shopping centeres.What kind pleasure they derive? May be all these selfies, will be a treasure for the one who have taken it ,but for others?

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