10 Lamest Ways People Use Their Smartphones

Bangalore. Smartphones serve wonderful purposes from making a video call to assessing your Social media account. But at times people use this wonderful innovation for dumb things. Here are 10 such things from Yahoo News

#10 Take and share pictures of food

Taking and sharing food pictures is one of the silly things that people often do with their Smartphones. People post photos in Facebook and other Social media with wonderful captions like “Yummy cake made by me”, “had a great party tonight”. It’s at this instance we should think that whether the so called amazing gadget Smartphone is being used in the right way. People rather than enjoying their food simply waste time by clicking pics and sharing with the friends which can cause annoyance. Why shouldn’t they stop this? Yet another question left unanswered.

#9 Texting to settle arguments or misunderstandings

Can emotions be expressed in words? Today people usually indulge in texting to clear any dispute or misunderstandings with their loved ones. But does that actually work, with the situation seeking quick and often elaborate explanations. Why don’t they simply use some awesome possibilities the Smartphones offer to the users, like free video calls, be it on Skype or Google Hangout or other similar apps.xsz

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