10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

#8 Karel Soucek

Karel Soucek was a Canadian stuntman famous for performing stunts in his own invented “life saving capsule,” a modified form of barrel. He had successfully rolled down the Niagara water falls in his capsule, suffering only minor injuries. This forced him to make a bigger jump to finance for his proposed museum. In 1985, Soucek convinced a corporation to finance a barrel drop of 180 feet in Houston Astrodome in Texas. A special waterfall was created for his jump.

Soucek entered his capsule and it was released from the top. Contradictory to his expectations, the barrel started spinning and moved towards the floor and finally hit the rim of the water tank, instead of the center portion, where it was supposed to land. Soucek was severely injured and died the next day. Many called it as the most dangerous stunt they have ever seen.

Thus ended the life of Canadian daredevil who once said: "There is no heaven or hell; there is no God. It's all a myth. You're born, you live, one day you die and that's it."