10 Biggest Flops in Tech 2012

Bangalore: Technology has the power to pleasantly surprise you and annoyingly shock you. While some tech trends catch on very fast, some face widespread criticism. With so much happening every day nobody really takes a notice or cares. What might have been called as the ‘next big thing’ may become the biggest disaster the next day. We bring you a list of 10 tech trends that were total flop shows in 2012.

1. SOPA- The Internet Killer

January saw a lot of drama surrounding the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives. If passes it would have allowed the governments to order ISPs to block access to entire Internet domains who were accused of infringing on copyrighted content. The act faced widespread criticism from the tech community.

Wikipedia and Reddit even went to the extent of blacking out their services for a day as a sign of protest. Although not every protest was this strong but there was a lot of disapproval from every end.

As a result on January 20, the House Judiciary Committee postponed consideration of the bill--in effect, tabling it indefinitely.