10 Best And Free Online Games

Bangalore: Games pull us in to their enchanting world, repleted with action, puzzle, drama and fun. People once hooked on; carries that obsession into their veins to explore what’s in store for them while going from one challenge to the next offered by the game. While Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox cost a bomb, there are a myriad numbers of free online games now available on web, but only a bunch of them succeeded in drawing game frenzy crowd. Read on to know 10 best and free online games that will keep you hooked on for hours, as compiled by The Independent.

#10 Wonderputt

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Damp Gnat

Developer: Damp Gnat

Wonderputt is an adventure golfing game but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedoes and a sprinkle of alien abductions for good measure. The game features 18 Adventure Golf holes, each with their own unique animations and novel features from bouncing balls, hovering and banking to teleporting, water skimming and burping out of toads. You should play it to appreciate the graphics as much as the game itself.

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