10 Real Reasons To Hate Apple Products

#1 Apple's Censorship

Something which the company opposed so vehemently in its starting years, it’s sad to see Apple increasingly becoming the “Big Brother” figure itself.

The early TV ads depicted Apple as the rebel, throwing a sledgehammer into Orwellian Big Brother figure. The Apple followed up this vigor with its “Think Different” campaign which celebrated the history’s greatest rebels and creative thinkers.  The company had been successful on the premise of supporting creativity, rebelliousness and artistry till now. But the concerns are mounting up with company’s increased stand in trying to play a Big Brother.

Apple has come up with a staunch refusal to allow pornography to be distributed via any of its channels. It’s the most famous instance of censorship that the company wrought on the Apple consumers. And recently a science magazine was banned from Apple devices for a story about male reproductive organ myth. In contrast Apple has no issue with female-sex-tip-filled magazines.

Apple has then gone a step forward; it filed a patent which would disable your iPhone's ability to record video while you're attending a music concert. Think what wreak it can cause if the same technology gets adopted by the government that can quill any voice, photo, or footage of some political unrest. Apple’s censorship is more of oppression now.  

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