10 Most Mysterious Corporate Labs Of Tech

Bangalore: History tells us that America’s first jet fighter was created in a tent in 143 days- an event that showed philosophy for rapid innovation to other companies. The man behind it was Kelly Johnson from Skunk Works –a group that works in innovative ways to develop things quickly with minimal management constraints. It has also designed several other aircrafts like P-38 Lightning and P-80 Shooting Star and many more fascinating secret ones.

Today companies follow the same idea. They aim to do more with less. Many are moving from gigantic research to lean secretive startups within their own companies.

Today some of the most talented thinkers and engineers create space for themselves with the freedom to make something fascinating. Business Insider has given us a glimpse of some of tech’s most mysterious labs and what the people does inside it.

#10 Google X

Google X is known to be one of the most interesting and mysterious labs out there run by Google’s co-founder Sergin Brin. The lab is known to work on more than 100 ideas that are highly competitive. Some of them even include space elevators, self driving cars, indoor mapping systems and wearable computers, like the recently released Google Glass.

The lab is located in an undisclosed location in North California.

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