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10 Most Curious Programming Languages

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 23 November 2012, 15:16 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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#9 Chef

Designer: David Morgan-Mar

Chef is an interesting programming language which got released in 2002. The program looks like cooking recipes with variables named after the ingredients. The stacks are called “mixing bowls” or “baking dishes” and the instructions like “mix” and “stir” are required to carry out the functions. The main principle of language design is: program recipes should not only generate valid output, but be easy to prepare and delicious. For instance, the instructions look like:

Take *ingredient* from refrigerator. — read an integer from standard input and store it into the given variable.

Put *ingredient* into [nth] mixing bowl. — push the value of the variable on the top of the bowl.

#8 Shakespeare

This programming language was designed by Jon Aslund and Karl Hasselstrom as a part of their lab project. Like the Chef programming language, Shakespeare Programming Language(SPL) is designed to make programs appear to be something other than programs; in this case, Shakespearean plays. The language has title, characters, acts and scenes, enter and exit. Characters are named like "Romeo" and "Juliet", which enter into dialogue with each other for performing functions. The programs are easily understood as it is written in the form of a drama.

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Reader's comments(2)
1: As a man who learned and used 36+ programming languages, I must tell You that after deleting that genial program NOBODY could read it because paper contains NON PRINTING characters that are just because of this called "White Space Characters", so Your printer would actually not print anything and paper would remain clean. My conclusion therefore is that it MUST have been a JOKE, and understandable only to programmers. It is true one could write in Non Printble
characers, as those could be distinguished at level of character code, but it would be necesary to intepret those codes by program to write or read what was written, since white space characters remain white even on the screen, and of course on paper is actually nothing. However, number of such characters is small
which is insufficient to form many instructions, unless You concatenate warious groups into new "Words" that would however be hard to memorize. Main purpose of Programming Language was to make Machine Codes easier to memorize and use.
So, one way or other, it was a joke!
Posted by:Marijan Pollak - 27 Nov, 2012
thanks for realizing that. but I guess after all those 36 shots, things are bound to get kinda tipsy hazy, I'll give you that.
Saurabh Replied to: Marijan Pollak - 01 Dec, 2012