10 Best Mobile Apps For Women Safety In India

Bangalore: Recently, India is witnessing protests across the states against brutal rapes, molestation and mistreatment of women. Despite the protests and measures, crimes are on an alarming rise. It’s tough for today’s women to walk alone in the streets. Hence, it’s high time for them to be cautious and ensure precautionary measures for their safety. The IT industry in the country is doing every bit possible for this by coming up with new innovative apps that offer lot more than just security.

Here is a list of mobile apps that will help you ensure your safety in case of emergencies.

# 10 FightBack

FightBack, developed by the Mahindra group firm, is an application that ensures women safety as it works across various range of phones. Earlier, the application was charged as per the usage, but recently after the Delhi gang rape case, the company has started giving free access to the app. It uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, emails and even Facebook to inform friends in need of help. It also shows location on Google Maps and sends SOS emergency text messages to close and dear ones. The app is available for Android and Nokia phones and for phones which support Java apps.