5 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India


Out of 58.5 million entrepreneurs in India, about 14 percent are women. Today, women have come a long way breaking the stereotype gender disparity and other severe issues like Sati system, child marriage, devadasi culture and more. Even in the present day, women continue to face a lot of tribulations such as marital rape, domestic violence, gender inequality, lack of education and more. According to sources, nearly 30 percent of India's tech workforce is female. But, it is 51 percent in IT's entry-level, this number indicates that women quit in junior or mid-level. Despite all these problems, many women have excelled in various fields and even attained the pinnacle of entrepreneurial success, and have been contributing to the country's growth. Indian women have boldly transformed themselves from being an able housewife to a successful businesswoman, venture capitalist, academician, media person and more. Let us meet the five most successful female entrepreneurs in India.