Zomato Tweaks Name: Pure Veg Becomes Veg Only

Zomato Tweaks Name: Pure Veg Becomes Veg Only

Following an online backlash citing concerns about community and caste-based discrimination, Zomato has changed its “pure veg” mode to “veg only” and abandoned its plan to have a separate color-coded fleet for only delivering vegetarian food.

A few clients took to online entertainment to condemn Zomato’s choice to utilize the term ‘Pure veg’ and have conveyance staff spruce up in green rather than the ordinary red garbs to ship veggie lover food.

On this regard, the company denotes that customers cannot choose delivery partners based on the driver’s food preferences by saying, “Delivery partner’s on boarded on Zomato will never be discriminated against on the basis of any criteria,” the company said while pointing out that.

According to the food delivery platform, the introduction of a separate fleet will not result in any changes or affect delivery partners’ pay-outs.

The “veg-only mode” will be live for clients by the following week and will be bit by bit carried out the nation over, the organization said in a post on X.

In the December quarter, the Zomato platform had 419,000 active delivery partners on average monthly.

Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, claims that India has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world, so the most recent move to introduce a vegetarian-only menu was made. It was in line with the company’s overall plan to expand its total addressable market.