Young, Educated and Engaged

Bangalore, 17 Sept 2019: One of the first movers in the LIVE EdTech space, Edureka, a global platform for learning trending technologies, has reached a new milestone of 1 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.  With increasing internet penetration, social platforms like YouTube are now being used as a wellspring of learning resources by professionals who want to upskill or reskill. Edureka’s YouTube channel hosts detailed tutorials on trending technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain, etc. to continue to educate and imbibe knowledge to IT professionals, worldwide. 

Edureka analyzed huge volumes of data from its YouTube channel and deduced some interesting statistics and insights on what India watches when it upskills. The data was analyzed with traffic source type, gender, demographics, favorite courses and global sign-ups in mind. Here are some interesting trends that the data revealed:

  1. On the gender front, men watch78.5% of the average learning video as compared to women who watch 21.5%
  2. The demographic break-up highlights that upskilling is taken most seriously by professionals who fall into the 25-35 years age bracket - young professionals and professionals with under 10 years of experience. 
  3. ‘A complete guide on AI’ remains the most watched video by IT professionals
  4. Amongst the regional languages, content in Hindi and Telugu were the most requested amongst IT professionals

On reaching 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, Lovleen Bhatia, CEO & Co-founder, Edureka, said, “We have seen that YouTube is a great platform to reach learners across the globe, who are keen on upskilling. We have focused on YouTube for customer acquisition since 2012 and the efforts are for everyone to see. Today, I am very happy and pleased to announce that we have reached 1 Million subscribers which is a big achievement and I would like to thank all the current & ex-employees, customers, and learners across the world who have helped us reach this milestone.”

In addition, vernacular learning content has been a long pending demand from learners and with these YouTube channels, Edureka is now able to share regional language videos on hot technologies such as Python programming, DevOps and Ethical Hacking, which are otherwise not available in these languages.

Edureka cuts across geographical boundaries to bring the best tutors in the world to mentor learners, thereby democratizing education and making it more accessible. Edureka’s YouTube channels help them reach out to learners and help them discover a world of effective and career-oriented technology training. By reaching the milestone of 1 million subscribers, Edureka has come close to its goal of making learning easy, interesting, affordable and accessible to millions of learners across the globe.