Top 10 Young Entrepreneur Success Stories

#6 Sabirul Islam, 21

Sabirul Islam grew up in a crime-ridden borough of London, England. His eyes were opened to entrepreneurship by his cousin, who offered Sabirul a job at the age of 13. But when Sabirul was fired a few weeks later, he decided to take matters into his own hands. At 14, he gathered six of his friends and started Veyron Technology, a website design company. Sabirul made his first $1000 within the first two weeks.

In January of 2008, at age 17, Sabirul self-published his first book “The World at Your Feet”. It offers young people guidance and encouragement to turn their entrepreneurial vision into reality. The book sold 60,000 copies. Sabirul has also launched a board game (‘Teen-Trepreneur’), become a globe-trotting public speaker (over 600 speaking engagements), and started his own publishing company for aspiring teen authors.

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