Top 10 Young Entrepreneur Success Stories

Bangalore: Entrepreneurship has no bar on age, but nevertheless you get surprised to see some youngsters making it big as entrepreneurs. In the age where these youngsters could have simply did the usual things like high school, college, hangout joints, video games or bike rides, they went ahead and  founded companies, gave seminars, wrote books, and became inspiring figures for all aspiring entrepreneurs irrespective of age. Read on to know top 10 young entrepreneur success stories— their struggles and triumphs, as compiled by JuniorBiz.

#10 Syed Balkhi, 21

Syed Balkhi used to get online at three o’clock in the morning to trade stones for a game called Neopets.

When he was 12, his cousin pointed out that he could do the same thing with domain names – all while pulling in a handsome profit. Soon he was developing websites, designing them, and running a paid domain name directory.

Along with a handful of college friends (Amanda Roberts, David Pegg, and Mohammed Karim), Syed has started a successful web service company called Uzzz Productions. His blog for WordPress beginners, WPBeginner, has been up since July 2009 and already attracts an incredible 145,000 unique visitors each month.

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