This Indian Entrepreneur Lit Up The Lives Of 18,000 Children In Orissa

The students are given all kinds of education from sports to embroidery to make a living sometime in the future. They are given food and sometimes due to the number of students some are asked to share their small bunkers with their friends. On a normal day, the food consists of staple rice and lentil curry and most of the students help the management in running the daily activites of the school in terms of food and cleanliness.

The major problem here is that the education system has to provide educate students from 60 different tribal backgrounds and with distinct cultures and languages. ‘Our major concern was how to bring all these children under one roof and mold a single curriculum without sacrificing their own heritage and traits. So over the years, we have tried to strike a balance,’ says Samantha.

The organization runs on low funds and the founder is looking to make the lives of these students better whom he expects to live in the urban areas after completing their education. ‘For us, the challenge is finance. If I would have more finance, I would have been able to give them more comfortable.’ ‘I don't want these children, once educated, to remain primarily in urban areas. Rather, we would like them to be agents of change in their own communities,’ Dr. Samantha added.

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