This Indian Entrepreneur Lit Up The Lives Of 18,000 Children In Orissa

‘The major difference between the urban poverty we see and the poverty among aboriginal people is that the aboriginal people who live in the forests are completely cut off, in terms of awareness of the outside world,’ says Samantha.

The report also states that India has about 400 distinct aboriginal tribes who would number anywhere up to 80 to 90 million. The main reason behind this issue dates back to the pre-independence time in India especially during the British colonization. It has still not progressed due to inefficient governance and various other political issues.

Though things have improved in the recent past there is still a lot of scope for improvement in these regions. ‘There's a big chunk of India which is largely forested where fundamentally the government doesn't reach. And it's in one corner of the region, eastern Orissa state, that the Kalinga school has reached out,’ says the report.

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